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by Kayla on January 16, 2012 in Portfolio,websites

client :: tranquil mind+body
A new mind+body studio offering yoga, pilates & massage services in Lenexa, KS.

tranquil mind+body was a unique project for me on many levels.

  • First unique fact: tranquil mind+body is located in the Greater Kansas City Area, making it a local project.
  • Second unique fact: Jason Duke, the owner of tranquil mind+body, already had a logo + a template for his website.
  • Third unique fact: Jason knows some basic html/css, which meant he understood 99% of what I said, without needing an explanation.
  • Fourth unique fact: My first site, in 2 years, that was straight up HTML/CSS.
  • Fifth unique fact: My first project, ever, using HTML5.
  • Sixth unique fact: Jason’s my first client, who is younger than me.

Wondering if Jason already had a logo, template & knows code – what did he need me for?


  • I customized the site for him.
  • Wrote some code.
  • Moved stuff around.
  • Added stuff.
  • Created new page templates.
  • Added social media links.
  • Made the navigation a drop-down & styled it.
  • Added some JavaScript accordions to some of his content.
  • Made the contact form work. Made his HTML5/CSS template compatible with Internet Explorer (IE9, IE8 & IE7).
  • Uploaded the site to the server (FTP).
  • And some other little stuff here & there.

Overall, it was a fun project, and Jason was a blast to work with.

If you’re in the Kansas City area, especially Lenexa / Olathe / Overland Park / Shawnee, you definitely need to go get your yoga & pilates on at tranquil mind+body. And you also need to schedule yourself a pampering massage. The tranquil mind+body studio is gorgeous. After a hectic day at work, it is the perfect oasis for you to relax & rejuvenate.

If you haven’t been to tranquil mind+body before, you’ll want to sign-up for their fabulous intro offer: Unlimited yoga & pilates classes for 3 weeks, for only $29!!!

See the live site →

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