Headway 3.0, A WordPress Framework That Is Awesomesauce


Headway 3.0, A WordPress Framework That Is Awesomesauce

by Kayla on November 17, 2011 in ramblings, recommendations & miscellany

I’ve been a fan of Headway for WordPress since I discovered it over a year ago. Most of my WordPress designs are built using the Headway theme as a framework. Which means that I install the Headway theme & then build off of it’s awesome features to create the custom design (click here to see my portfolio of sites using the Headway framework). The Headway theme is easy to use & includes a lot of cool features like a visual editor (where you can change certain design aspects of your site without a lick of code) and built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you to customize the meta keywords and descriptions of each post/page (great for search engines).

I just received an email from Headway announcing the release of Headway 3.0 next week with a video preview of what the new release will include. And. Wow.

It. Is. Amazing.

See for yourself.

I am so giddy, I made my non-geek husband sit down to watch it, too.

The developers at Headway Themes have taken their drag & drop visual editor to a whole new dimension. You can actually draw a rectangle with your mouse — similar to how you would draw a rectangle in Photoshop (or even Paint) –¬†along their grid to create your “boxes” of content (the header, sidebar, footers & other content areas). Once you’ve drawn your “box”, you then select what you want that box of content to be (choose from header, navigation, footer, widgetized sidebar, + more).

I cannot wait for the release! Mom, we may have to take a timeout from Black Friday shopping, so I can see the new Headway 3.0.

Currently, Headway Themes offers a personal license for $87 (with support for up to two sites) and a developer’s license for $164 (with support for unlimited sites that you own or develop). Both sites offer free updates to the Headway Theme for life. That is important to note, because the email mentions that they will soon increase the price of Headway & will have an annual renewal fee. I personally have a developer’s license for Headway & it has been worth every penny (I’ve developed eighteen sites with it to date).

Note: I am a Headway affiliate. So those links up there to Headway? Those are affiliate links. But only because I fell in love with the theme after purchasing it & saw they had an affiliate program. So there you go, become an affiliate & make back the money you paid for Headway by recommending it to your friends and family. Because trust me, it will be love at first site (pun intended).

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