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by Kayla on August 4, 2011 in Blogs,headway portfolio,Portfolio,wordpress portfolio

This reveal has been a long time coming! Remember when I had this blog design giveaway? And Lisa from Healthiest Life 4 Me won? Well, Lisa’s redesign is finally LIVE! A lot happened between the end of the giveaway and now. Oh things like my husband switching jobs, the birth of our fourth child, adjusting to our new life [being a mom to 4 little ones, not a walk in the park, folks], web hosting stuff, and a crazy busy Summer [for both myself & Lisa]. Thankfully, Lisa was very gracious – a phenomenal woman she is indeed.

In the beginning of the design stage, I knew I wanted an illustrated version of Lisa. I mean, her blog title is Healthiest Life 4 Me, so I thought it fitting that “Me” [Lisa in this case], should be incorporated into the design. Lisa is into eating well & working out, so when I came across a picture of her in a tank with the words “Shut Up And Train”, I knew I wanted to use that in the design. So, I started on Lisa’s “Mini Me”.

Once I had her “Mini Me” done, I started to work on the blog’s logo. To incorporate working out, I drew a set of weights to go with the fonts I had chosen for her site.

These elements made the rest of the design and layout easy, and coding the design was a walk in the park. Below are some before and after screenshots of Lisa’s blog.

Before ::

After ::

See the live site →

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