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by Kayla on August 4, 2011 in Blogs,headway portfolio,Portfolio,wordpress portfolio

I have been blessed to work with some amazing women lately, and Marina from Energizer Bunnies’ Mommy Reports is one of them. Marina was moving her blog from blogger to WordPress [self-hosted WP], she was switching the blog’s name a bit [Energizer Bunny's to Energizer Bunnies'], and she was adding a tagline [Family, Faith and Fabulous Finds]. The blog would still be full of reviews, giveaways and inspiration, but with the move & name change, she wanted a new look. She sent me some graphics of kids, fingerpainting and rainbows. Marina wanted something colorful & that would embrace the joy she sees in her children. Immediately, I knew I wanted to create a couple kids to represent her children, so I asked some questions. She responded with a picture, which led to the fingerpainting cuties you’ll find in her header. [Trust me, her kids are a lot cuter.]

Then, I played around with adding rainbows and clouds to the design. The design features a cloud and rainbow at the bottom right-hand of the site. So the clouds with rainbows wouldn’t look too out of place, I placed clouds behind the kids [adding some dimension in the header], and added the painted handprints to the clouds. Then, I deliberated on how to keep a bunny aspect in the design. The answer came swiftly as my hand formed a peace sign, & my brain delivered the message that it wasn’t a peace sign, but bunny ears, my hand was making – “Oh, use the fingerpaint!”

Once the design was done, everything else just rolled into place. Marina had expressed that she wanted her sidebar decluttered (and I just love me a good sidebar decluttering). Marina & I combed through her sidebar to see what we needed to keep in the sidebar, what could go on a separate page of the blog, and what could be left behind. I created a custom button for her that matched the new design.

We added a giveaway countdown widget in the sidebar (it shows how many days are left and how many entries for all live giveaways) and a custom plugin for her signature and review/giveaway disclaimers. Overall, it was a fun project & I truly enjoyed working with Marina on the redesign. Now, here are some shots of the before & after.

Before ::

After ::

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