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by Kayla on July 5, 2011 in Community,headway portfolio,Portfolio,websites,wordpress portfolio

Donna Maria Coles Johnson needed a private community for members of the Indie Beauty Network, where they could connect with other members, and attend exclusive mastermind events. was the solution. I merged WordPress & vBulletin, to create a customized solution for Donna Maria. The homepage features a JavaScript tabbed interface, where visitors can read information about the Indie Beauty Network (IBN). There is a login area for members on the homepage, and when members are logged in, this login area changes to a customized greeting that tells them they are already logged in to the forum.

Due to the forum being for members only, I’m only able to give you a glimpse as to what it looks like. The actual forum has a lot more topics and discussions than you see here:

Donna Maria wanted to be able to give members a direct link to an event. If members are logged in, they are taken directly to the linked page, otherwise they are intercepted by a page asking for login details and providing information on IBN & how to join for non-members.

See the live site →

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