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by Kayla on February 11, 2011 in Blogs,featured,headway portfolio,logos,Portfolio,twitter backgrounds,wordpress portfolio

When I first met Amanda, she was making a big transition. She had decided to close her shop, 29 & Co., and start a blog where she could share her ideas & awesome products she had found. As we talked more about her project, and she showed me different sites she liked, I knew this was going to be a fun project. And when she said the name was potterlime, immediately black & white with splashes of lime jumped to my mind. Of course, she was also thinking of those same colors. So with our brains pretty much in synch, I got to work on her logo…

Once I had her logo finished, I used it as inspiration for the rest of the site’s design. The site’s design came together fairly quickly. I drew a lime with some swirls that I positioned to always appear at the bottom right of the website. I added a few fun, lime-colored accents, like the lime “go” button on the search area & the little birdie in the latest tweets section. Another fun thing I added was during the actual coding phase of the project, with the featured post slider.

In the end, I had a blast working on the project & was very pleased with the result…

See the live site →

Amanda also had me make her a matching twitter background [note: this was before twitter changed their layout, so this background is now hard to see on smaller screens when logged into twitter]

See Amanda’s twitter page →

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