Free Printable Cards for Valentine’s Day :: simply valentines


Free Printable Cards for Valentine’s Day :: simply valentines

by Kayla on February 13, 2011 in FREE printables

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day & feeling the love yesterday, I created a set of printable Valentine’s Day cards. I call the set simply valentines, because I kept the designs simple (yet fun) & all you have to do is print & cut. {You may recognize the turtle doves from the second day of Christmas coloring page that have now become love birds.}

Each card is 3 inches by 2 inches and the sheet of 9 cards will print on a letter-sized sheet of paper. I recommend using cardstock and setting your printer to best/maximum dpi quality for the best results.

I put a light dashed line around the white cards, to use as a guide when cutting. Cut just inside the dotted line to keep them the same size as the other cards, and borderless, like so…

Download your free printable Valentine’s Day cards here → simply valentines

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Disclaimer: You may use this file for your own personal, non-commercial use. Sharing or selling of this file is prohibited. Selling of the printed items from this file is also strictly prohibited. All artwork in this file is made exclusively by and for bellafaith design, LLC. bellafaith design, LLC, retains all rights – copyright is not transferable to user.

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