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by Kayla on July 6, 2010 in featured,in the design process,Portfolio,wordpress portfolio

When author Tina McAllister approached me about a one-page design for her latest book, Woof! The Book, I jumped at the opportunity. Working with Tina McAllister is always a pleasure, as we seem to have very similar tastes in design. And when she said she wanted me to illustrate the main character for her book, I was over the moon!

Woof! The Book is the story of Vivi, a wife & mother, who has completely let herself go, until she discovers the world of Botox & other beauty treatments. In the book, Vivi gets a complete makeover from head to toe, so I needed to illustrate Vivi both “before” & “after”.

I started with designing the “after” illustration of Vivi. However, my first illustration turned out too young…

So, I started over. This time, I was much happier with Vivi’s “after” illustration, so I manipulated it to produce the “before” illustration.

However, Vivi’s “before” illustration wasn’t messy enough & her “after” was too simple, so some details were added to both illustrations…

Some stains were added to Vivi's pants & untied shoelaces to her tennis shoe.

Some bling was added to Vivi's shirt & a ring & bracelet to accessorize her outfit. Plus, her lip color was changed to match her blouse with some glossy highlights.

However, Vivi’s “before” illustration still looked too clean, and Vivi’s lips in the “after” needed a tad more gloss…

Once the “before” & “after” illustrations of Vivi were finalized, the rest of the single web page design came together very quickly…

See the live site →

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1 xfather123 May 24, 2011 at 3:20 pm

VhEWy5 this is delisious!

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