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by Kayla on July 7, 2010 in featured,headway portfolio,Portfolio,wordpress portfolio

Author Tina McAllister approached me about a one page site design for her book, Gina Agnes. I read Gina Agnes a year ago, so I was really excited to work with Tina on this project. Gina Agnes is the story of a girl who was found as a baby in a pew, at Saint Agnes Catholic Church, & is raised by three nuns & Father Gerard.

I used colors from the cover as a starting point & created a couple different layouts. For one of the designs, I illustrated a Catholic Church. For the other design, I created my first hand lettering design, inspired by the incredibly talented Jessica Hische. I drew both the Church illustration & the hand lettering with pencil & paper, and then I traced the designs in Illustrator.

Once Tina saw the hand lettered design, she immediately knew that it was the design for I developed the simple one page site with the Headway framework for WordPress.

See the live site →

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