another way to import your blog posts in to your facebook profile


another way to import your blog posts in to your facebook profile

by Kayla on July 9, 2010 in facebook tutorials,tutorials

Are you tired of the posting delay when you use Facebook’s Blog/RSS import function? Sometimes it can be days or even weeks before Facebook will import your blog posts. Sure, there is a way to manually update your Facebook notes, but don’t you have enough things to do?

Thankfully, there is a Facebook application that you can use to import your blog posts where you determine how often it checks your blog for new posts. It is RSS Graffiti. I already did a tutorial on how to use RSS Graffiti for your business or organization Facebook page, but today I’ll show you how to use it for your personal profile. It is similar to using RSS Graffiti for your pages, but has less steps.

[*This may even be a solution for those of you who are getting the "The blog/rss url you entered is not valid. Please verify and try again." error when using the built-in Facebook Blog/RSS import function.]

Let’s get started…

Go to: [you will need to be logged in to Facebook]

Click on "Click here to grant this permission"

Click "Allow"

Click "Click here to allow publishing"

Click "Allow"

Click "Add feed"

Add your feed address in "Feed URL", a title for your feed in "Feed Name" and click "Save" - there are other options if you scroll down, but these are the only ones you need. By default, it will check your blog every 30 minutes for new posts and each post will include the title, a photo and an excerpt.

That’s it for setting up RSS Graffiti. However, if you were previously using the built-in Blog/RSS import, you will need to disable it. Otherwise, whenever the Facebook importer does decide to finally import your blog posts, you will have double blog posts on your profile. Maybe you’re okay with that, but your FB friends may not be as happy about it. So here’s how you disable the built-in FB importer:

Go to your Facebook profile & in the middle under where you add your status updates, click on "Options"

Click on "Settings"

Click on the "x" next to "Blog/RSS", and Voila! it's gone!

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1 Ken February 17, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Wouldn’t call this a solution but only a workaround. A solution is to get blogs back into Notes, where I want them…the Wall is cool as a duplicate, but I want to make sure they also get into Notes. Possible any more or not? Thanks!

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