project :: a logo for Covenant Keepers Inc.


project :: a logo for Covenant Keepers Inc.

by Kayla on May 27, 2010 in logos,Portfolio

I have some catching up to do on my portfolio, so let’s get going…

Marlon & Syreeta Smith made the decision to go into business together. When the Smiths contacted me, they explicitly defined…

…their company: Covenant Keepers, Inc.

…their purpose: “To create a GLOBAL movement of positive and healthy relationships, with special focus on families because the family is the nucleus of a society’s well-being.”
{statement taken from their site}

…their goal: to eliminate divorce {0% divorce rate}

…their need: a logo & blog design

Any experienced designer, in the branding or web design field, will agree that the branding {logo} should be developed before the site design, so that’s what we did.

When I presented the first round of logo design visuals, Marlon & Syreeta deliberated & agreed they liked the use of a heart {in place of an “o” in Covenant} and the idea of interlocking rings {which were just basic interlocking circles at that time}. They wanted to explore the idea of making the circles look more like rings {and detailed to represent “his” & “hers”}. The challenge with the rings, was to keep them simple enough that they followed the basic guidelines for all logos {more on the basic guidelines later}. Therefore, I created rings with various degrees of detail & alternate viewpoints and integrated them into the logo. The winning design fusion thus became the logo for Covenant Keepers, Inc.:

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