creative block over :: glimpse new redesign in progress


creative block over :: glimpse new redesign in progress

by Kayla on May 3, 2010 in in the design process

I have a lot of projects to add to the portfolio of the site here, and I had hoped the bellafaith website redesign would be up by now. However, as I mentioned before, I am my own worst client. I tend to stray away from the design process [that actually works] when it comes to designing for myself. I find it is easier for me to work for other people’s businesses… something about looking at the business from an outside perspective, helps me to see a more generalized picture.

So when I started to work on my own site, where I’m intertwined with all aspects of the business’ inner-workings, I found myself at a creative roadblock. Usually, the analytical parts of my brain work really well with the creative parts. However, I found that the analytical side was dictating the creative, and the ideas in my head weren’t coming together very well on the screen.

I spent some time online this weekend looking at different creative blogs for inspiration – which gave me another spin-off project: an online inspiration journal. Most of the blogs I looked at were focused on home decor [which got me dreaming] & helped guide me to start completely fresh last night. Clearly, the inspiration surfing helped, because last night I created a new pattern and color selection for the bellafaith redesign. Unfortunately, I have decided not to use the floral design I originally created for this project – however, it will go in my arsenal for future projects [and possibly go into some of the pre-designed templates I'll be working on soon].

Today, I was able to lay out, in CSS, the design of the interior pages and the blog. I’m really excited with this new direction. So excited, that I want to go ahead & set-up the new design right now, but I still have to layout the homepage. And I have certain pages I want to have ready to go when I launch the new design, so everything can be done all at once. [There will be some giveaways and special deals when the redesign is launched, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter or feed for updates.]

Well, I’m off to go get some work done, but here’s a teeny glimpse of the redesign’s new direction:

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