restructure + redesign = beautiful + fresh + seo


restructure + redesign = beautiful + fresh + seo

by Kayla on February 12, 2010 in ramblings, recommendations & miscellany

I’m in the process of restructuring & redesigning (which means the business aspect is getting some nips, tucks & facelifts as well – this is the closest I get to plastic surgery). I know what it takes to make a site beautiful & successful, however I feel I have skimped on my own site. When I redesigned last year, I “jumped in” & failed to properly plan my lay out or marketing/seo strategy (which are very important things to consider at the beginning of a great web design/redesign). So, I am treating myself like a client and devoting the time and smarts to make strategic from a business aspect and more helpful to clients and those interested in graphic & web design.

In the process, I’m working on improving my business model so that I can work smarter not harder (which will be beneficial to my family & business). I’m using project & financial management tools to streamline the “paperwork” process & keep projects on track, so that I can spend more time doing my favorite part: the designing. Other business plans include the expansion of the bellafaith design team this year (any freelance graphic or web designers are welcome to email for more information).

The gem of the redesigned site will be the blog, which will feature help/advice/tips on seo (search engine optimization), tutorials on using wordpress (and other blogging /content management systems). And since bellafaith design is committed to bringing you the latest in web design as well as helpful tips for your online business, I’m excited to announce that we are introducing a free e-newsletter. The┬ábellafaith design e-newsletter will be a monthly publication delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. You can go ahead & sign-up for the e-newsletter by clicking here.

The focus of the new bellafaith design site is intended to be you the visitor, reader, subscriber, client; so I’d love to hear what you’d like to see at the new site. And, if you’re reading this after the redesign has launched, give us feedback on what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see (or read)!

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