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project :: header

by Kayla on February 12, 2010 in Blogs,Portfolio,thesis portfolio

Booth Outfitters provides specialized branding services to small businesses with their Brand Investments, which range from banners and table covers (hence the name Booth Outfitters) to digital canvas prints, t-shirts and towels. The owner, entrepreneur Ishmael Holmes, approached me wanting a header design for his blog. He already had his logo, tagline and was using thesis (one of the best wordpress themes in my opinion) and only required a custom header and some minor customizations (like moving the blog’s navigation below the header). Here’s the end result & what is currently up at

And, since sometimes I feel limited if I only design just one mock-up, I created three header mock-ups for Booth Outfitters and Ishmael ended up taking two of them, here’s the other one:

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